Tomaso Binga is an Italian artist and poet, who was born in Salerno in 1931. Since the Sixteen she lives and works in Roma.

Tomaso Binga is the artist's pseudonym, taken to challenge the privileges of the male world with irony and displacement. She deals with verbal-visual writing and is among the leading figures of Italian phonetic-sound-performance poetry. Since 1971, the practice of art as writing is at the center of her research. 

Her practice involves collage, typewriting, painting, performance. She deals with verbal-visual writing and is among the leading figures of Italian phonetic-sound-performance poetry.

Tomaso Binga approached art when she was still a girl, thanks to her father, who loved to paint for pleasure. It was always thanks to her father that Binga developed a great love for poetry. Poetic production has always accompanied artistic production.
Tomaso Binga's life is a tangle of incredible encounters, first of all the one with Filiberto Menna, whom she married in 1959 and with whom she moves to Rome, where she still lives today.
There are many perspectives through which Tomaso Binga has operated over the years. In addition to teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts in Frosinone, he created and animated the Lavatoio Contumaciale, a place devoted to cultural exchange, which over the time has carried out an intense activity, promoting the debate on various themes through literature, poetry, visual arts, theater, cinema.
Tomaso Binga's work goes far beyond feminist commitment, although it has always played a central role. Tomaso Binga has always been committed to the rights of human beings, to gender equality, but is also committed to defending freedom and peace.
The irony that often characterizes her works does not hide the bitter feeling of disappointment towards injustices, the dramas that often affect human beings, the disasters that ruin our world. Tomaso Binga has always been projected into the future, yet already in her first work she disputes the wrong use of new media, and she does so through a well-known performance, Vista Zero, held in 1972. The artist's body is totally covered by a white sheet a gauze covers the head,  leaving her sensory organs  uncovered. The action consists in the artist applying on her face paper cutouts of eyes. The cutouts are of different sizes and the largest are placed on the artist’s forehead. Binga’s face is completely covered to the point of preventing her seeing: metaphor of a world that was open to the thousand glances of the new media, potential tools for quiescence of brains.

In unsuspecting times, Tomaso Binga started a series of collages - sculptures (what Italo Mussa defined as objects - images) reusing the polystyrene packaging inside the boxes of the most disparate consumer objects, carrying out an incredible action of recycling materials.
During her artistic production Tomaso Binga has implemented dozens of collaborations with artists, first of all the one with Verita Monselles with whom she will create one of his best known works: The Mural Alphabet.

Especially on the theme of the phonetic-sound-performance poetry, Binga has consolidated important artistic relationships with Lamberto Pignotti, Giovanni Fontana, Antonio Amendola and many others.

Tomaso Binga has created new visual languages ​​starting from asemantic writing and ending with the Alpha symbol (on which she has been working since 2020), passing through the Typecode, some examples of which are now displayed at the Venice Biennale, in the exhibition The Milk of Dreams, curated by Cecilia Alemani.

The practice of art as writing now covers a creative span of fifty years. The practice of art as writing now covers a fifty-year creative span, with peaks of great impact: I write you only on Sunday in 1977 and Diario Romano in 1995 are masterpieces, in which the word as a sign imposes itself in space and even in the time through compositional matrices of very high lyric.



Tomaso Binga | Mudam Luxembourg

Public exhibition

A Model group exhibition curated by Bettina Steinbrügge

Mudam Luxembourg - Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean  

Tomaso Binga - Corps-poésie

Public exhibition

The exhibition entitled Tomaso Binga - Corps-poésie curated by Marc Bembekoff opens on Friday 15 September 2023 at La Galerie in Noisy-Le-Sec, France.

Ri-Materializzazione del Linguaggio. 1978-2022

Public exhibition

Ri-Materializzazione del Linguaggio. 1978-2022 – is proposed as the first attempt at a philological reconstruction of an exhibition which has in the meantime become a point of reference for female and feminist artistic research

Tomaso Binga - Biennale di Venezia

Public exhibition

We are very happy to announce the participation of Tomaso Binga in the 59th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale "The milk of dreams"

Silent Revolutions: Italian Drawings from the Twentieth Century

Public exhibition

Tomaso Binga and Betty Danon are among the artists invited to the Silent Revolutions: Italian Drawings from the Twentieth Century exhibition, curated by Irina Zucca Alessandrelli at the Menil Drawing Institute in Houston (Texas)