Stanislao Di Giugno

Stanislao Di Giugno begins his career as a multidisciplinary artist dedicated first to figurative painting, then to collage, installation, video, and since 2014 he has turned exclusively to abstract painting, summarizing the path taken from his first experiences up to today, maintaining a formal matrix always recognizable.

Before dedicating himself exclusively to painting, Di Giugno's artistic practice was formalized in heterogeneous works, in which the diversified expressive medium is strengthened by a constant objective: "to distort reality and the ordinary logical sense".

The work was based on the reuse of commonly used objects and the assembly of the latter until they were transformed into abstract sculptures.

The formal aptitude for building through fragments is also evident in a production on paper. The production of collages in the years 2008 - 2011 is very conspicuous. Di Giugno observes the images and de-constructs them, modifies them, alters them just as if he were dealing with a logical thought that suddenly undergoes a shock, reformulating itself to take on another formal asset.

A breaking moment dates back to 2009 in which Di Giugno is the protagonist of a reflection on the very idea of ​​approaching a work of art. It is a moment of questioning that manifests itself in the creation of an environmental installation entitled A certain distance.

Through this work the very concept of "space" is questioned, no longer understood as a place of sharing, but an element that separates the viewer from the work of art. The installation is formalized through a device of steel tubes, whose presence is all-encompassing, to the point of contrasting the normal interpretation even of other works present in the same environment. It follows as a path interrupted by this structure conceived as a sort of obstacle, an unexpected interval. But Stanislao Di Giugno does not limit himself to connoting this work as a "physical barrier"; in fact, he also stimulates another aspect, the auditory one, with the presence of a sound device, whose tone varies in intensity according to the movements of the people. The result is an annoying and persistent sound, which represents the complement of this installation element, whose purpose is, at the same time, to attract and dissuade attention.

Since always the formal assumption is treated on a par with the theoretical one. His painting is meticulous, rigorous, dedicated to exploring the physical peculiarities of materials, paying attention to characteristics such as volume, shape and size.

Regarding the theoretical choices, Di Giugno declares: "The choice is not to represent reality but to investigate it".

And this investigation arrives at a geometry that is generated by the overlapping of layers, of veils of colour.

A finished painting is like a temporal condensate made up of stratifications of times and moods, even very different and discordant, which find a reason to coexist spatially.


Stanislao Di Giugno