We are very happy to announce that on the occasion of La Métropolitaine, rendez-vous international d'art contemporain de la Métropole du Grand Paris co-organised by TRAM réseau art contemporain Paris/Île-de-France, Maxime Rossi was invited by the committee of artistic co-directors to develop a playful, poetic and participatory work. Rossi presents Terre, air, feu, a synaesthetic work in four acts, which will take place in various forms in thirteen studios from May to September throughout the metropolitan region during La Métropolitaine.


“Terre, air, feu places the viewer at the centre of various scenarios, including the creation of a fourteenth venue, a traveling hot air balloon, symbolizing travel, discovery, and creativity.


As both a visual landmark in the landscape and an exploratory space in which visitors can contribute to the creation of a collective work, this hot air balloon can move from place to place like a hyphen, echoing the balloons that graced the skies of Paris during the 1924 Olympics. This sensory, even synaesthetic opera, attempts to create a space of exchange in which viewers can contribute to the collective creation of a story. It offers a mindful approach to establishing new narrative links, and uses its sonic environment, setting, and objects, as well as costumes and lights, to create a novel, immersive environment. As the maestro of this lush composition, Maxime Rossi plants poems and harvests fruit that sings. The pleasure is ours to enjoy.” 


Vittoria Matarrese

Maxime Rossi | Terre, air, feu