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First stage of the new edition of Qui, dove ci incontriamo
a project by Galleria Tiziana Di caro, Federica Schiavo Gallery e Laveronica Gallery

Qui, dove ci incontriamo is a project conceived in 2019 by Tiziana di Caro, Norma Mangione and Federica Schiavo, where interrelation and mutuality ideals are pivotal. In John Berger’s collection of short stories Qui, dove ci incontriamo [Here is Where We Meet], a journey to different cities becomes a pretext to move freely through time and space, imagination and memory. Likewise, the project originates from encounters and entails moving works, people and ideas from one city to another, involving in the 2019 Napoli, Torino and Milan. The new edition is enriched by the participation of Laveronica Gallery in Modica. The format develops into three exhibitions where each gallery hosts and is hosted by the other two and, starting from Naples, it will travel in Modica and Rome.

The exhibition opens with the video Between the Acts by Jiajia Zhang. The work consists of a compilation of found footage from Youtube, news and various film clips that alternates from a carefree, happy mood of discovery to threatening images showing crisis, destabilization, and possible catastrophe. Juggling between normalcy and its decay, the clips are both entertaining, uplifting, and alarming. Various found voiceovers dissect themes of fantasy, conflict, gamification, marriage, echo chambers, infrastructures, power relations, entertainment, emotional states, and ideas about the future. Political footage mixes with scenes of absurdity and entertainment, showing how both realities coexist and are consumed and nurtured alongside each other. While our gaze is accustomed to this kind of alternation between all these moods, emotions and daily intake of information, our sense of actions, morals, values and agency may be diminishing. Ultimately, the question arises: what do we risk with our (in)actions, what drives us, what future are we heading towards, and what is the difference between consuming, thinking, and acting. The title of the piece, Between The Acts, is a reference to Virginia Woolf’s last novel, which was published only posthumously. Woolf essentially looks at the time “between” the great wars and addresses a process of reunification. Woolf believes that by having an “empty stage” where less attention is paid to what is actually happening, there are as many gaps and forms of distraction among the audience. This shows that they are all united in the sense that they are in the same state the state of distraction or diversion. Common states of being can enable a condition for the possibility of unity.

Paired with the video are two analogue photographs. Rose, 2023 is a photograph of a rose. It was taken in the streets of Rome. The depicted rose is both artificial and real, both in decay as well as in bloom. The work addresses questions around authenticity vs. artificiality. The second photograph, Switch, 2023 was taken in a hotel in Shanghai. Besides the regular turn on and off buttons, one can also regulate one’s mood.

An Incomplete Timeline of Sorrow and Uprising is the title of Shadi Harouni's latest photographic work. Originally conceived for a public art commission, the work is a tribute to the ongoing women-led struggle for freedom from oppression, ignited by the murder of the young Kurdish woman Jina Mahsa Amini at the hands of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Harouni constructs these large-scale photographs as a temporal assemblage. In them, the artist’s arms extend from small openings in walls to present symbols and artifacts of a revolt. The image of a bloodied hand shot through with bullets, peers out of the window of a moving car, raising two fingers as a sign for victory; a concrete brick, used by protesters to barricade the streets, bears the slogan The Body Revolts, one of countless revolutionary slogans covering walls throughout the country; a hand holds a long braid of hair, as if to be cut off in an act of mourning, with references to both the death of Mahsa Amini and to the iconic figure of Vida Movahed, a young mother who on 27th of December 2017 climbed onto a utility box in the crowded Revolution Street in Tehran, took off her government-mandated head scarf, tied it to the end of a stick and began to wave it as a flag over the heads of the crowds. Then there is the image of Dayeh [Mother] Sharifeh, culled from an extensive archive of mothers clutching the photographs of their executed children. Here, Dayeh Sharifeh, herself now a symbol of Kurdish resistance, holds two words that in Kurdish read Resistance is Life. Finally, in a typographic play, a red sprayed stencil names the two poles of all sustained mass movements toward liberation: Sorrow and Uprising.

Igor Grubić presents the series entitled The End...or is it?, 2021, composed by five photographs that draw inspiration from Giovanni Battisa Lusieri's famous view of Naples “Il Golfo di Napoli con il Vesuvio e il Somma” (1782/1794) present on the cover of the book “All'ombra del Vesuvio” published in 1990, on the occasion of the first major exhibition dedicated to the views of Naples and its surroundings from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century. Grubić modifies the image of the gouache in a filmic perspective, adding the twenty stars placed in a semicircle containing the writing “The End” at the two peaks of Vesuvius, quoting the Paramount production company. Reality and fiction overlap so that the work becomes the mirror of our times, in which nature, oppressed by global warming and our reckless abuse, begins to rebel, reaching the dystopian pandemic moment that we have experienced, at the limit of cinematic fiction.

Installation view


Shadi Harouni


We are very happy to announce the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation has awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship in Film-Video to Shadi Harouni to whom we offer our congratulations.

Trad u/i zioni d'Eurasia al Museo MAO di Torino

Public exhibition

Shadi Harouni is among the artists invited to the exhibition Trad u/i zioni d'Eurasia at the MAO Museum in Turin

PANORAMA L'Aquila 2023

Public exhibition

As members of Italics we will participate in Panorama L'Aquila with works by Shadi Harouni

Shadi Harouni - She Devil at BIENALSUR

Public exhibition

Shadi Harouni is among the artists included in the upcoming edition of She Devil, which will take place in the frame of BIENALSUR.