galleria tiziana di caro
galleria tiziana di caro
Simona Weller
from 19/11/2022 to 21/12/2022

We are very happy to announce the second exhibition in collaboration with AOCF58, a solo show by Simona Weller entitled Memorie dal passato [Memories from the past] which opens on Saturday 19 November 2022 at 11:00 am in Rome in via Flaminia, 58 

The exhibition consists of a series of watercolors on paper created by the artist starting in 2007. The theme of "painting with words" has characterized her research from the beginning, diversifying in style according to the period. Words are chosen for their concision and their particular outlining, but the nature of these works has a very intimate root. In fact, they are linked to suggestions born from the memory of family experiences. Observing her children's notebooks, Weller grasps their aesthetic beauty, innocence, purity and takes note of them, in turn creating organized papers just like those pages written by his children. The artist recalls the trait of childhood writing by reflecting not on the sign but on the structure of the whole, on the formal aspect of the complex of words that are distributed on the white sheet. Some of the verses she writes are unpublished, others by poets such as Giuseppe Ungaretti, of whom she quotes some verses taken from the cycle "Allegria di naufragi". In these works Weller draws the lines just like in a notebook; these help her to draw the words, the scribbles, the signs, and the elements of elementary writing that, distributed on the sheet, refer to the notebooks that each of us wrote as a child. 

The essentiality of the formal aspect is emphasized by the intensity of the lyrical content in a composition that is not simply to look at, but also to read. The poetic reflection is accompanied by the diary one, but also the existential element crosses these papers defining themselves with great simplicity and at the same time just as effective. 

Simona Weller is a painter born in Rome in 1940. She lives and works in Calcata (VT). Her research has always been accompanied by both non-fiction and literary writing. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts with Ferruccio Ferrazzi and Mario Mafai. Since the 1960s he has devoted himself assiduously to painting and writing. In 1970 he began to teach pictorial disciplines. In 1973 he made her debut at the Rome Quadrennial with large painting-writing canvases. In 1976 she published the first Italian essay on female artists of the 20th century with the title: Il Complesso di Michelangelo. In 1978 she was invited to the Venice Biennale and the São Paulo Biennale in Brazil. Among the most recent exhibitions we mention: in 2017, Magma, Body and Words in Italian and Lithuanian Women's Art from 1965 to the Present, in 2018, The Unexpected Subject. 1978, Art and Feminism in Italy”, at Frigoriferi Milanesi, in 2022 “Re-Materialization of Language, 1978-2022” at the Antonio Dalle Nogare Foundation in Bolzano. Simona Weller's solo exhibition Memorie dal passato [Memories from the past], is open from Monday to Friday from 5 to 7:30 pm and by appointment and will be open until Wednesday 21 December (included) 2022

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