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Betty Danon (Beki Aluf) was born in 1927 in Istanbul (TR). In 1956 she moved to Milan, where she obtains Italian nationality and changed her name to Betty Danon. She passed away in 2002 in Milan.
Her practice involves painting, collage, typewriting.

Betty Danon worked with sound and sign, starting from Jungian symbology, reducing circle and square in their primal elements - dot and line - that she will develop in her future works: abstract musical scores and interventions on Sound and Sign.
She voluntarily left, in the 1980's, the conventional art circuits in order to share her work with artists from all over the world trough Mail Art.

Tiziana Di Caro gallery represents Betty Danon since 2017, working in close cooperation with her archive managed by her heirs.

In 2017 Tiziana Di Caro presents Geometrie anni Settanta: tra logico e poetico, programmato e casuale [Geometries from the Seventies: Between Logical and Poetic, Planned and Casual], first solo show, in its premises featuring Betty Danon. And, in 2018, the gallery hosts the second artist's solo show Enigma di Fondo [Background Enigma].

Betty Danon - Her most important exhibitions include:

"Magma" curated by Romana Loda, Museo di Castelvecchio Verona, 1977; "Materializzazione del linguaggio" curated by Mirella Bentivoglio, Biennale Venezia, 1978, Sound, PS1, New York, 1979, "Lis 79", National Modern Art Gallery, Lisbon, 1979, "Art Beyond Poetry", westf lisher kunstverein, mynster, Germany, 1979, "Il tempo nel museo", Biennale di Venezia, 1980, "Linea della ricerca italiana 60-80", Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Roma, 1981, Biennale di Sao Paolo, Brasil, 1981, "In-comunicabile", Museo d'arte Contemporaneo, San Paolo, Brasile, 1982

Recently her work has been shown on the occasion of:

"The unespected subject 1978 Art and Feminism in Italy", curated by Marco Scotini and Raffaella Perna, Frigoriferi Milanesi, 2019; "Doing Deculturalization", curated by Ilse Lafer, Museion Bolzano, 2019